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Individual coaching 

Experience change now

" Start with the man in the mirror, start with yourself. Look at yourself and then make a change. Look deep within yourself and you'll find something amazing. " Michael Jackson

For those who want to re-align in the present.

  • You lack grounding and have lost your creative energy ?

  • Strain at work is unbearable and you cannot let go ?

  • A difficult relationship with your manager or someone in your team ? 

  • You feel you are not recognized for your work, not fulfilled in your activity ?

  • The distress of not getting the job you want ?

  • A feeling that what you are doing is meaningless ?

  • A desire to review your talents and your dreams, in order to clarify your goals for the future ?

You want to change now to regain your creative dynamic and move your projects forward.

Le Creative Coach offers the experience of a live discussion about your reality and the emotional turmoil you are going through. 

" One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself. " Leonard de Vinci

An encounter with oneself within a structured and positive framework.

Creative coaching is shaped to achieve the objective you have set for yourself: 

  • To connect to one's creative force, life and change power source

  • To harmonize our inner self with our social self

  • To find solutions to problems, conflicts, specific life situations

  • To identify our "blinds spots"

  • To recognize and face fear when it overtakes us

  • To establish a conscious lucidity allowing decision making

  • To become responsible and autonomous even in stressful conditions

  • To learn how to make use of one's defaults as one's greater qualities

  • To build reliability in oneself as a source of self confidence and trust in others

  • ...


After completing a creative coaching experience, you face your problems without bypassing them. You regain control of the meaning of what is happening to you and you go on with your life in full confidence.

The individual coaching format is structured by individual work sessions with Le Creative Coach. The number of sessions is defined initially together with the person.

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