Creative Coaching :

Light on your resources

You are an individual or a team working in the creative business

You want to change

  • Change your perspective on yourself, your beliefs, your self-judgements

  • Change your negative habits for positive grounding

  • Change your relational quality to be comfortable in your communication with others as a manager, team worker or colleague

  • Change scenery for the right reasons

  • Change your life to a meaningful one...


The objective of creative coaching is to accompany your need for change and to regain your creative being actively and in harmony with your inner self.

" Nothing is absolute, everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves." Frida Kahlo

Creative coaching is for a solution-driven change of perspective

The coaching process acts as a mirror in which you observe yourself as you are, unique and different from others. It results in (re)discovering your original identity and special talents which are your untapped potential to sustainably move forward in life.

" I feel confident imposing change on myself. it's a lot more fun progressing than looking back." - David Bowie

The experience of rediscovering oneself in the vitality of the present moment

The sucess of creative coaching lies in the powerful combination of a structured framework together with active listening to all emotions at stake in the moment and throughout the coaching period. 

Le Creative Coach commits to a unique obligation of means. Therefore, the path within the framed process is as important as the targeted objective.

" Where there is order there is well-being" - Le Corbusier

Le Creative Coach provides the means to your solution.


Le Creative Coach offers a way to experience a time with yourself. It is based on the coach questioning in the present moment and acting as a photographic developer. 


Marianne Castier

Whether an individual or a team, my mission is the mobilization of your creative energies to have you reach the goal you have set. Le creative coach is there to prevent you from taking rounds and rounds in circles. I guide you with benevolent attention into

the discovery of yourself.