" The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. "

 Carl Jung

Successful coaching starts with the first contact: 

Informative, transparent, clarifying

Rather than empathy or kindness, creative coaching initiates in true resonance. In order to build a relationship based on trust, Le Creative Coach preserves emotional neutrality so that the person or team in process can be her/him/itself with no filters and no restraints. 

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Marianne Castier 


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About Marianne Castier

«...Interested in others with an innate sense of values, great curiosity, tolerance and extreme open-mindedness. Enthusiastic, persuasive, gifted with intuition, one can count on her to notice what matters to others… »

Extract from Marianne's MBTI psychological profile. 

A graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, I work in luxury, fashion and cosmetic industry that always reinvents itself. After capturing and relaying the styles of the time in trend offices (Peclers Paris, Martine Leherpeur), identifying  talents for the industry and advising them in their career management as an executive search consultant (Sterling International, Boyden), I was in-house Human Resources for the product design studio teams (Louis Vuitton).

This career path filled with human encounters and intercultural coordination was the generator for my desire to offer tailored coaching to individuals and teams of the industry, helping them durably with change management. In doing so, I combine classic coaching and personal development tools together with my own experience and counselling talent. The coaching experience I offer is rooted in your environment, your present concerns and your ambitions for the future. 

Whether an individual or a group, my mission is the mobilisation of your creative energies to have you reach the goal you have set. 

I am a certified coach from the Psychological Practitioners School Psychoprat in Paris, trained to the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron in New York, to NPL and Collective Intelligence facilitation by Robert Dilts, to Non Violent Communication by Thomas d'Ansembourg in Belgium, to the systemic analysis at the School of Paradox in Paris, to mindfulness meditation at the Open Center New York and to Creative Problem Solving (CPS).

I adopt the code of conduct of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and I follow supervision with Anne de Montard.

I work in English, French, Italian and Spanish.