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Listening to your essence

" The man who regards his own life and that of his fellow creatures as meaningless is not merely unfortunate but almost disqualified for life. "

Albert Einstein

Life is movement. It is a dance of transformation setting the page for all things

Each of us needs to lead his/her life adapting to permanent changes.
The one creating is the one in action.
"Creare" in Latin is to give growth from the void. The same radical is found in Sanskrit, "Ki" for "to do".
The essence of the Being is to be doing something meaningfully.
The stability for an individual or a group lies in the harmony emerging from the activating essence and the motivating meaning.

We live accelerated lives in our modern society. We are disconnected from the cosmic rhythm which we are part of. Comfort makes us indolent as we unconsciously freeze into the automatic pilot mode of our existence, devoid of meaning. Frustrating and blocking situations develop and sometimes repeat themselves but the known is reassuring even when unbalanced. It is the inertia.

" The future is only present to put in order. Your task is not to foresee it, but

to enable it." Saint-Exupéry

To be active and aligned in the vital transformation, there is nothing like a time for interiorisation and perspective on where we stand with ourselves, our desires, our dreams and our difficulties.

Le Creative Coach offers a time to reconnect with oneself. Acting as a photographic developer for the person, it brings meaning to the present moment. 

The secret of the meaning of life can be found in listening to our emotions, our feelings. 

Le Creative Coach operates as a caring transmitter-receiver of the interpretations of yourself and the events you live so that you can perceive their values. 

" One must start to feel what one wishes to express. "

 Van Gogh

Le Creative Coach « does not know » but becomes the listening mode that builds and allows you to arrive at your solution. You feel you start to regain your identity of living being: active, autonomous, animated with meaning and capable of confronting your fears in order to overcome them. 

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