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creative coaching ?

 Creativity punctuates and gives meaning to your life. Right now you sense "something" is not right and you want a coaching process to restore your life/creativity/work harmony.

Individual coaching:
who is it for ? 

You have decided to commit yourself to transform your way of being into a relationship, communicating, working with others, ,...with the help of a one to one coaching.

Team coaching:
who is it for ? 

Your team is not feeling doing well.  This is  the time for a little help from an outsider coach offering a fresh reboot to everyone in the team while solving the issue


"I started a coaching with Le Creative Coach because I felt the desire to combine my hypersensitivity to my professional stance. Showing assertiveness and being more prepared to professionals opportunities was the goal.  

I found with Marianne an active listening with empathy and a climate of trust for me to feel confident. I have especially valued her kindness in our relationship. She has been raising the right questions that have allowed me to overcome my beliefs."

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